We know it can be an absolute minefield trying to find a decent Father's Day gift. Some dad's/father figures can be really hard to buy for and not that fussed about receiving gifts in general.


We've put together a Father's Day gift guide by dad-types, so you can use your dad's interests and personality as a guide for what to buy him. Say goodbye to panic buying and say hello to simple shopping.


**If your dad falls between more than one of these categories, you can always get him one gift from each ;).
There's no such thing as too many great gifts.


Gadget Dad

Gadget Dad Father's Day Gifts

Featured: RC Wall Race Car | 4000 mAh Powerbank | Wallet Ninja

Signs your dad is a Gadget Dad: He’s your own personal Amazon review section, he knows his way around a DIY project and when you’re looking for the coolest tech, he’s your go to guy.


If these still don't make the cut, then maybe these are more his bag...



Featured: Audiowave Neck Speaker | Original Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker


Fun Dad


 Featured: Knob Mug | Half Pint Glass | DJ Mini Mixer

Signs your dad is a Fun Dad: He’s the life of the party, always cracking jokes and putting smiles on faces. He's partial to good prank and is essentially good vibes personified.


Cult Classic Dad

 Featured: Original Stormtrooper Decanter | Premium Butler BagOriginal Stormtrooper Hip FlaskGentleman's Shaving Kit

Signs your dad is a Cult Classic Dad: He cuts a clean figure, is more cultured than the average dad and knows exactly what to do to cheer you up.


Sports Mad Dad


 Featured: Desktop Football | American Football WashbagGolf Ball Glasses

Signs your dad is a Sports Mad Dad: He knows more about his favourite team than he does about anything else, but he’s got a big heart and will always have your back.


We hope that helps. If not we'd suggest you peruse out Gifts For Him section for more inspiration.