It's a couple of weeks into 2019 and you've probably already broken a number of your new year's resolutions. That's fine, we've all been there. Sometimes our resolutions are too big or they don't quite work for our lifestyles.

If you're feeling a little over it & discouraged, don't fret - we've put together a list of resolutions you might actually be able to keep.

Plus, if you don't feel like you can go at it alone, we've got just the thing/s to keep you going.

1. Take more photos

Selfies and photos of your food don't count. However, scenic landscape portraits from your walk to the off-license, totally do. This set will have your photo's looking clout-ready with 3 different lenses to choose from.

2. Drink more water

Not only is water great for your skin, but it also increases brain power and provides energy. A fabulous water bottle and extra energy - sounds like a win-win!

3. Do more DIY

DIY doesn't always have to building a shelf or painting bench. You can also make stuff you use in your day-to-day or to display in your home. This BYO Vintage Digital Camera has #worthit and Pinterest vibes written all over it.

4. Listen to different types of music

You're always saying you're gonna give classic music a go, or maybe it was heavy metal... Whatever you wish to explore, these speakers will let you conveniently broaden your music horizons.

5. Start meditating

Sometimes it feels like Mercury is forever in retrograde and sometimes, you just need to relax. Get into this Music Sleep Mask, plug in your favourite YouTube meditation video or make use of that Headspace membership you keep meaning to use.

6. Be more organised when you travel

Getting organised has never looked so easy! Whether you're travelling long-distance or embarking on a 2 hour commute, this Gadget Travel Organiser will help you make sure you always have what you need to stay connected. Plus, it fits right into a standard size bag, backpack or handbag.

7. Make your lunch more instead of buying it

You've been trying to save money on lunch for forever and now you can. This bento box is super cute and filling up the compartments will be so much fun, you'll actually prefer making your lunch instead buying it.

8. Be more adventurous

Are you really living your best life? Do you always shy way from taking risks and want to try being more adventurous? If the answer was 'no' to the first question and yes to second, then the Extreme Scratch & Reveal Poster is what your flour-flavoured life has needed all this time.

9. Take proper breaks at work

If you set out 20 minutes, twice a day to something fun and distracting during your working day, not only will it improve your focus but you'll also have less trouble trying to solve that problem you looked at for too long.

10. Make your own baked goods

There's baking cookies and then there's baking Pusheen cookies. Cute and delicious - you'd be a fool to not give up the Krispy Kreme stand for these beauties.