Drone Dog Walker

Why pay someone to walk your dog when this Drone Dog Walker can do it for you. Featuring a live microphone and camera, so that you can talk to your dog as the drone walks it and Leash Control technology in case your pupper gets carried away. Click below to shop now!

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Standard cat flaps are the mini kitty doors of the past. 2 cats are sometimes better 1 one, we agree. However, 2 cats can turn into 4 and 4 can turn into 4 cats and an unwanted, exotic furry visitor. Install the VIPET iPAW for peace of mind. Click below to add to basket.

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Picking up after your pet can be a smelly, tedious and downright boring chore. Why not put some fun into disposing of your fluffy friends faeces with CATAPOOP. Featuring a detachable scooper and a catapult base, so you can be rid of the waste, smell and save the environment by adding to some lucky neighbour's compost. Click below to add to basket.

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That's right, the pet tech range you thought you were just about purchase is nothing but a light-hearted ruse! We don't blame you for being intrigued, all of these gadgets would make being an animal's human, much more of a breeze.

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