Pusheen - Hand Warmers


Brand Pusheen

Warm your hands up in style with this set of 2 Pusheenicorn hand warmers.

To activate: find the round metal disc and firmly flex. The gel will turn white and rapidly heat up.

  • Not suitable for children under 3 years.
  • Ingredients: aqua (water), sodium acetate, trihydrate, alloy.
  • To reactivate - when cool cover with a cloth and submerge in pan of water. Boil then simmer for 5 minutes until the hand warmers go from hard to soft.
  • WARNING: Reactivation should only be undertaken by adults. Do not puncture. If contents come into contact with skin or eyes, rinse with clean water. If contents are swallowed consult a doctor. Do not microwave or boil in a kettle. Not suitable for areas of sensitive skin or people suffering from diabetes. Do not place on hot surfaces. Children must be supervised when using this product. For external use only. 

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